Get your Ombre Brows done right here in Star, Idaho.

Ombre Brows is the new-ish, version of permanent eyebrows. This idea of Ombre Brows gives a light to dark ombre look, it means lighter front (bulb) of the eyebrows and darker towards the tails, mimicking the natural flow of the brow. The tail of the brow is always darker than the front, which is where it gets its ombre name. It could be done with or without an outline, depends on your skin type and preferences. Ombre Brows can be done with using microblading or as more durable Powder Brows.

A follow up appointment within 4 – 6 weeks is included to complete the look you want.


Ombre Brows - $500.00


Ombre Brow Touch Up - $225.00

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